ISKCON Lima organizes first monkey dance

Break dance for Prabhupada? I don’t think so. Break dance as a preaching strategy? Every nonsense goes as preaching strategy these days.

So, by doing break dance, we are actually preaching against Prabhupada, because we are demonstrating that man is actually evolved from a monkey.

Those who dance are definitely monkeys, those who organised this dance are also monkeys, and those who are watching it are also monkeys.

ISKCON temple Lima is leader in monkey preaching strategy, I wished them all the best in producing more and more monkeys.

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Prabhupada looks extremely angry in the photo on the wall. That is a fact.

A monkey is very active. You have not seen monkey in your country. In our country there are monkeys. Unnecessarily creating disturbance. But they are very active. But human being, they are not so active, but they have got brain, they’re working with brain. (Lecture on SB 1.2.24 – Los Angeles, August 27, 1972)


This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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