ISKCON's first temple president who shows his butt to Prabhupada

After my last video went viral, and was seen by 330 devotees in first 48 hours, we started investigating materials more closely and confirming facts with spies on the field.

And reality is much worse than it looked initially.

We though it to be some kind of hatha-yoga class with few ignorant devotees who don’t know ABC of Krishna consciousness. But unfortunately, it’s much worse, Rama Putra, temple president of the whole community turned his butt to Prabhupada too, he should be replaced, and everybody who is following him will end up as worm in someone butt.

Rama putra das, ISKCON’s temple president and butt obeisances pioneer

On the first photo, you can see him offering butt obeisances:

Then, few seconds later, you can see his face:

And in just in two short months, he advanced from butt obeisances to participating in ISKCON Brasil leaders meeting:

For a moment I though “God help us with butt temple presidents”, but then hey, they are all approved by GBC Executing committee, Bhakti Caru Swami, BhaktiVaibhava Swami, and Madhusevita prabhu. These pure devotees would definitely remove butt temple president if something was wrong with them.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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