Covered head in divine civilisation

Question from a devotee in semi vedic culture (Bali, Malasia, Indonesia)

Facebook messenger question

Devotee: I hope that this msg meets you in sound health. Since a long time there has been a discussion about a simple and also confussing topic thus i am finally escalating to see ur help on it. Since ages i have seen Ladies(matajis) covering their head this include young girls too. Now in my namahatta i have around 10 girls whom i have asked to do so as i thought that this might have been the recommendation of Srila Prabhupada. Well few days back when we went to a program then my girls were told that Prabhupada never asked to do so for unmarried girls and they should uncover there head.

To back it up, I was given few quotes too:

Srila Prabhupada’s morning walk on April 10, 1974 By the dress a woman is recognized. When the girl has no this covering, that means she is virgin. She is not married.

Prabhupada: No, no. The system is when the woman is at the care of father she does not cover. But when she is under the care of husband she must cover. By dress you can understand what she is, whether she is widow, whether she has got husband, whether she is prostitute. Everything by dress you’ll understand. Nowadays the fashion is the woman has the bakan(?) simanta here, not here.

Well it leaves me perplexed somehow for they want my final verdict on it and i can never say anything against Srila Prabhupada quote.

Hanuman: That is true, if they are really so chaste that they are under the care of their father, and they never travel alone anywhere outside a house without company of elder members of her family, then this argument could pass. However, I doubt that this is the case. In general, covering head with sari is sign of chastity. So, you can tell those girls to look at any photo from Prabhupada’s movement in the early days. It is clear what is Prabhupada’s standard.

Prof. Olivier: You see, the…South Africa has had to import its priests, its Hindu priests.

Puṣṭa Kṛṣṇa: Even the young girls who join our movement, they cover their heads. And the Hindu ladies are so impressed that they practice such chastity, even to the extent always covering their head as a sign of chastity. They very much appreciate.

Prof. Olivier: Perhaps I can give you one or a couple of application forms that you could post to one or two people if they’re interested to apply. But this would be…

Prabhupāda: The Hindu community, I think they will accept us. I don’t think they will deny.

Pusta Krishna says “even the young girls”. Prabhupada didn’t protest or said this is wrong.

Devotee: thats a good reference! Prabhu can i get its reference please!!

Hanuman: Room Conversation with Professor Olivier – October 10, 1975, Durban

Devotee: actually the mataji in question is white bodied and somehow has the influence of the west but we in X we are still reserved. thats wonderful

Hanuman: Vedic culture was much more strict in the past. Covering head is really nothing. Women have subtle desire to show their beauty. To control men in this way. But whole point of Krishna consciousness is to limit attraction to opposite sex. So, either you stay brahmacari or you get one wife, that’s it. Otherwise you end up like cat and dog. And if you let white mataji run your business, you will end up like this:

This is my latest video on degradation in USA.

Additional point is that women were married very early in vedic culture, arranged marriage. Before puberty. So that means they were covering their head whole life, except when they were small girls.

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