Divorce acarya is back

Divorce acarya is back.

He will be giving Sunday feast lecture tomorrow in temple Zagreb. Here is the announcement screen shot:

We tried to preserve dignity of Srila Prabhupada’s movement by applying pressure to remove divorce acarya from holding position of main preacher.

My original letter

Message-ID: <CAHEdfkHJ88xagWpRY_8EJwS+yjZjY3cbXxGnAWGPL07BD8Hj8w@mail.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 06:42:46 +0000
Subject: sexy assistant preaching strategy
From: Hanuman das
To: "prahladananda.swami@pamho.net" <prahladananda.swami@pamho.net>
Cc: Bhakti Vikasa Swami <Bhakti.Vikasa.Swami@pamho.net>, Shyamasundara Dasa , Basu Ghosh Das , Suvarna <suvarna1008@gmail.com>, Goran Pejakovic <goran.pejakovic@gmail.com>, "Ivo Pišmiš Isvara Puri" <isvara.puri.sns@gmail.com>, Dvija-nayaka das, Divya-prabandha das , "Patita-pāvana dāsa"

Dear Prahladananda Swami,

I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to publish juicy details of the private life of your main festival and sunday feast preacher.

One of his facebook friends already went Rambo and published everything, including details how he travels alone with 20 year old, cute girl, while his wife sits at home. Here is the link:


Seriously, this is your version of Krishna consciousness?

Well, I had no clue, actually, I am very thankful to you and the members of the Ramesh sahajiya temple board, that you kicked me out of ISKCON, so that I don’t have participate in this nonsense.


Under no circumstance, should you remove Nitai Paramananda from his preaching position, that would disturb the vibes of many people and please the old grandpa who founded this movement and who is no longer relevant in any way.

God bless, I am am sending love and many kisses to all managers of this movement and senior devotees who are receivers of this email, just to make sure, that’s when history judges you, you will not be able to say “I didn’t know”.

your servant, Hanuman das

Hypocritical reply

Today, we are publishing hypocritical reply by ISKCON Zagreb temple management, since they decided to bring back the divorce acarya as main preacher, this will go public now. They through that they will get away with it, just by letting some time go by, but they incompetence is now proven:

The hypocritical reply (emphasis added by me)

From: Isvara Puri das <isvara.puri.sns@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:37:05 +0200
Message-ID: <CAMp-mHxEb0uRRqW8Sf33N_7AD3urP=R3YVDftmQR+41yBGd+bQ@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: Re: sexy assistant preaching strategy
To: Hanuman das
Cc: "prahladananda.swami@pamho.net" <prahladananda.swami@pamho.net>, Bhakti Vikasa Swami <Bhakti.Vikasa.Swami@pamho.net>, Shyamasundara Dasa <shyamasundaradasa@gmail.com>, Basu Ghosh Das <basughoshdas@gmail.com>, Suvarna <suvarna1008@gmail.com>, Goran Pejakovic <goran.pejakovic@gmail.com>, Dvija-nayaka das, Divya-prabandha das, "Patita-pāvana dāsa"

Hare Krishna Hanuman prabhu! Whenever we can do something for advancing standards of service or behaviour we try acting on this. While doing this we understand it is only our service being aware of our limitations - taking therefore shelter in Srila Prabhupada as well as our both spiritual and managerial autorities in ISKCON. Please note that the main preacher here is Suvarna-bindu prabhu who got naturally respected by other devotees due to his good qualities and presence.

Out of our duty, regarding this post, we will check with those who were addressed. They are all to the highest extend engaged in service in Srila Prabhupada mission, follow sadhana, have guidance of their autorithies and proved to be ready to accept corrections. It would be good if you directly check with devotees before creating your often misguiding and offencive posts.

Also out of duty, we are to address you once again regarding your writtings, even though we are losing hope you could take a good advice or correction. Not only from us who are not significant, but also from GBC or your guru. The way you have just offencively dealt with HH Prahladananda swami in your mail, we do not see as something Srila Prabhupada would approve. Nor would aprove it any of Srila Prabhupada’s strict followers. For us this is not acceptable. ys Isvara Puri das

Sheep level reply

So, he says “out of our duty, we will check”. I am sure they checked eveything.

Traveling alone, only with cute assistant while leaving wife at home: APPROVED by ISKCON Zagreb.

Ok this is so romantic, just two of them traveling while leaving third wife at home, APPROVED by ISKCON Zagreb, you can still be main preacher.

They definitely “checked with those who were addressed” and they found that there is nothing wrong with a man in his third marriage to travel around with cute secretary while leaving wife at home. This is perfectly normal in Ramesh sahajiya world.

It is not problem at all, only problem we have now is that I made post about it. You see doing nonsense is now checked and approved by temple authorities, only thing left to do is to “out of duty, address my writing, even though they are losing hope that I could take good advice or correction”.

You see, divorce acarya doesn’t need to be corrected, my writing about divorce acarya is actual problem. That needs to be corrected.


There are two clans of Ramesh sahajiyas in Zagreb:

  • Sundarananda’s divine love clan
  • Isvara Puri’s facebook correction facility.

Sundarananda has 90% of followers, and Ishwara Pooree baba has only 10% of followers, why? They are both sahajiyas, why everybody joined divine love clan? Because Sundarananda is straightforward, he doesn’t like Prabhupada, and he is preaching Ramesh bhakti openly and cheap people are appreciating.

Ishwara Pooree baba is much more dangerous, he pretends to be Prabhupada’s follower while in the background, he is doing all the same things as Sundarananda baba. Since when Prabhupada’s followers put people in their third marriage who travel around with girls to be preachers? That is completely sahajiya.

Anyway, enjoy your Zagreb Sunday Feast this week, you will surely not find me there. Keep your wife/girlfriend close to you at all times, otherwise Nitai Paramananda or Ishwara Pooree could “preach” to her or maybe even go with her alone on a preaching tour. You surely need to allow that if your are surrendedred to Krishna and Prabhupada. 😄 😄 😄 What a circus.

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