"Guru list" strategy: Accuracy

What are your actual chances of going back to spiritual world by following Guru list strategy, answer is 55.6%.

This chart shows all gurus since “guru list” strategy was implemented in ISKCON. The further you go back in history, the more “fallen gurus” will you find. So, I marked all gurus who left their post or where suspended in red color, those tho remained exemplary to the end are marked green.

Raised eyebrows

Besides “gurus” who were suspended or removed from position of “guru”, which are marked as red, we also added some gurus, who exhibit strange behavior but stayed on the guru list.

These are marked with light red color and are as follows:

The stats

This is gives us 124 people who were pronounced “divine gurus” by GBC body, and qualified to lead people to spiritual world, and unfortunately only 69 of them are left who stayed gurus throughout their whole life and were not removed by “guru” position, that is 55.6%. In other words “guru list” is currently rates as 55.6% pure.

And this is one of the best proofs that “guru list” idea is not successful. GBC body is not successful in selecting proper gurus, because it is not how it is meant to be and that is exactly the reason why guru list is created, to protect people from choosing the wrong guru.

And what is even worse, “guru list” is used to promote fake gurus even after they are fallen below any normal standard. Even on basic kindergarden level, if somebody tells you about pure devotee who is a sannyasi with a cute, unmarried, female secretary, if you have any brain left, you can understand something is wrong. But GBC will not remove such “guru” from their list because “we have to be merciful”. Well, keeping sannyasis with girlfriends as gurus is not merciful at all, it’s called cheating.

Additionally, what is even more dangerous, all future ISKCON gurus who will be “promoted” to guru status must agree in advance never to criticize GBC body or sannyasi-girlfriend tattva. That is something they must promise when they sign “divine guru application form” and in this way whole system is becoming more and more corrupted.

“Guru list” facilitates fake elitism

in case “guru list” would not exist, anybody who would expose fake guru would be hero, because he helped devotees from falling into a trap of accepting fake guru. But with “guru list” in place, which is current situation, exposing any “fake guru” becomes problem because you are not supposed to do that, you are offender, because fake guru is “pure devotee”, and he is pure devotee because he is on the “guru list”. The fact he is sannyasi with girlfriend no longer matters, because other “pure devotees” concluded that he is pure but putting him on “pure guru list” 20 years ago, and his girlfriend is also pure.


Historical data for this article is mostly taken from dandavats article: History of Diksa Guru in ISKCON 1978-2014 – Revised

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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