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My website has a chat feature, which has been a real game changer. So, please don’t contact me unless you are ready to be blown to pieces. Here is one interesting recent chat:

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V1493008331693402 : Hare Krishna
Hanuman has joined the conversation.
Hanuman : Hare Rama.
V1493008331693402 : I see you critising
V1493008331693402 : devotees left and right
V1493008331693402 : it may be true for some of the cases but at the same time you have great appriacition for Bhakti Vikas Swami
V1493008331693402 : and he praises or endorses the devotees which you criticise
V1493008331693402 : is it not contradictory
Hanuman : If you know any cases which I published something which is not true, please let me know.
Hanuman : I am not Bhakti Vikasa Swami clone.
Hanuman : I am waging war against Radhanath baba because he introduces Ramesh baba in ISKCON.
Hanuman : And Ramesh baba followers kicked me from ISKCON because I said I don't like Ramesh baba.
Hanuman : It has nothing to do with Bhakti Vikasa Swami.
Hanuman : If you prefer keeping things under the carpet, that is your problem.
Hanuman : Whoever betrays Prabhupada will end up on my website.
Hanuman : Is that clear?
V1493008331693402 : yes
Hanuman : ok, do you want to betray Prabhupada?
V1493008331693402 : Not at all
Hanuman : Do you want to protect those who betray Prabhupada?
V1493008331693402 : but may have disagreement with the approach you have taken
Hanuman : You may disagree, and you may show me how to fight for Prabhupada properly by making your own website.
V1493008331693402 : I am not interested in making any website
Hanuman : But you are interested in telling me how to run my website.
V1493008331693402 : but I also do not like to see things diluted
Hanuman : You need to show by example prabhu.
Hanuman : Acarya principle.
V1493008331693402 : right
Hanuman : So, nobody fights deviations publicly in ISKCON except me.
Hanuman : And you want to shut me up'
V1493008331693402 : not at all
V1493008331693402 : you can do it but it can be done in a constructive way also
V1493008331693402 : as you may be clearly observing that now people do not reply to any of the mails you send to them
Hanuman : When Ramesh sahajiya Sacinandana Swami and his disciples kicked me from ISKCON, that was not very constructive.
Hanuman : I didn't see you complaining.
V1493008331693402 : I agree on all your points
Hanuman : Now I will not stop until I remove every single Ramesh sahajiya from ISKCON. Is that understood?
Hanuman : And this is very constructive.
V1493008331693402 : but were you not seeing these problems when you were part of the organization and were allowed to give lectures
V1493008331693402 : and now when you have been banned
V1493008331693402 : you see all the problems
V1493008331693402 : this looks contradictory
Hanuman : I started seeing problems when I started digging.
V1493008331693402 : I can't believe this
V1493008331693402 : you  were in the movement for 25 years
V1493008331693402 : and could not notice anything.. this looks really funny logic
Hanuman : Well, prabhu, you should not criticise.
Hanuman : This is the first thing you learn in ISKCON.
Hanuman : Especially you should not criticise "senior devotees".
Hanuman : Because they have done more service than you.
Hanuman : That is the sheep philosphy.
Hanuman : And it takes some time to overcome.
V1493008331693402 : no I am logically trying to understand why you did not ran this compaign till you were allowed to preach
V1493008331693402 : I understand whatever you are doing is right
V1493008331693402 : and worng things should not happen in ISKCON
Hanuman : I was just a local devotee with wife and kid, job, etc.
Hanuman : I didn't care much about what is going on in whole ISKCON.
Hanuman : Things start looking strange when Hridayananda das Goswami was supposed to come to Croatia.
Hanuman : Then I started my fight.
Hanuman : When I saw what nonsense he is preaching.
Hanuman : Then after that Brajraj Sharan came in Croatia, he is most prominent follower of Ramesh baba.
Hanuman : Then I started investigating Ramesh baba and gurus who support him.
Hanuman : No, Sacinandana Swami was not coming to Croatia for years.
Hanuman : He would only come to vyasa puja. And I was not attending that.
Hanuman : He was also organising camps on adriatic coast, but I never went there, it was not my mood.
V1493008331693402 : sometimes I feel that you are doing it all because of anger ofgetting expelled..nothing else
V1493008331693402 : else you are very super intellignet could you miss these things
V1493008331693402 : these deviations
Hanuman : :D
Hanuman : You look like super intelligent too.
Hanuman : So tell me, how is that you are still in the material world?
V1493008331693402 : I am not ....sorry
Hanuman : So, are you noticing deviations in ISKCON in last 25 years?
V1493008331693402 : not to the depth which you have got into
V1493008331693402 : and it seems ever critisism sometimes
Hanuman : Prabhupada didn't like sahajiyas.
V1493008331693402 : yes
Hanuman : So, I am working against them.
Hanuman : That is good for Prabhupada's movement.
Hanuman : We agree on that?
V1493008331693402 : yes
Hanuman : ok, then, case is closed.
Hanuman : My motivation might be affected by anger slightly, but generally, I am doing the right thing.
Hanuman : Done done, thank you for chatting with me.
Hanuman : I have to go now.
Hanuman : Hare Krishna.
V1493008331693402 : Hare Krishna
Hanuman has left the conversation.
Visitor has ended the chat.

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