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I created many materials on this web page, but nothing will happen unless many devotees join this alliance. So it really depends on you, dear visitor to do your part.

There are many ways how can help us, from very easy and quick ones to heavy and complicated ones. I will list some ideas, begging with easy ones:

Share and like

  • Like our page on facebook and share it to your timeline.
  • If you find interesting article share with your friends.
  • Think about who is decision maker in your yatra and send him this article.

Send in

  • Send us word of encouragement, you can sign in to our disqus commenting with only one click
  • Send us your favorite quote in favour of Krishna Best mission goals
  • Send us photo in full ISKCON uniform. Hold in your hand paper with written heart + Krishna best
  • Send letter of appreciation, we will publish it on our web site
  • Write full blown article or video in which you explain one of points in our mission.

Gather local support and write letter to your superior

  • Form up local Krishna Best team and gather support locally for our cause.

Invite us to speak

  • We have plentry of preachers who can explain Krishna Best philosophy in all corners of the world.
  • Invite us to debate Krishna West people, we will gladly defeat them

Keep in mind that you can invite us physically and virtually (google hangouts) etc.

Temple presidents and GBC

  • Send us confirmation that you fully support Krishna Best principles, and we will mark your city/county green on upcoming battle map.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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