Krishna Best Mission

Our mission is to:

Safeguard completeness of Srila Prabhupada’s original system of practicing Krishna consciousness for the generations to come.

Next generation of devotees deserve to receive unchanged and complete version of Krishna consciousness in it fullness, namely philosophy, culture and cuisine. Medicine will have effect only if you apply it as prescribed. Diluting the medicine and and changing it’s ingredients is very dangerous.

This specifically covers:

  • Krishna consciousness philosophy
  • Devotional practices such as mangala-arati and full morning and evening programs.
  • Vaisnava dress.
  • Brahmacari culture.
  • Cooking and recipes that Srila Prabhupada taught us.
  • Vedic separation between sexes.
  • Clean guidelines in ISKCON stance on gay issues.
  • Keeping dignity of sannyasa order.

Srila Prabhupada’s statements on the subject

Parampara means no changes

So evam parampara.So in the parampara system in that disciplic succession, you will find no change. The original word is there. That is the thing. They are not foolish to manufacture something new. What new? People are after something new manufactured by this tiny brain. What new you can manufacture? That is all nonsense. If you want really thing, then you have to take the old, the oldest. You cannot change anything. Can you change any law of the sun rising or sun setting? The old laws, they are going on, and you have to follow. So you cannot manufacture anything. The same seasons are coming for millions of years. As there were system of change of season, that is going on. Millions of years before, the sunrise, sunset, was going on. That is… Millions of millions of years, the death was there. That is going on. And the birth was there. That is going on. And disease was there. That is going on. So what you can change? You are simply foolishly wasting your time. There is no possibility of changing the laws of nature. It is simply futile attempt. Therefore those who are sane people, they understand that this life is meant for not fighting with the material laws, which I cannot change. Better stop this nonsense and realize yourself, what you are, what is your duty, and what the human form of life is meant for. That is stated here, that you have to realize Krsna. You have to become Krsna conscious. If you become Krsna conscious, then your life’s mission is fulfilled. (Lecture Dec 1 1966, New York)

Becoming dear to Srila Prabhupada

We are canvassing, “My dear sir, you just become a devotee of Krsna. You always think of Krsna.” Krsna says, man-mana bhava mad-bhaktah. We say, “You just think of Krsna.” The same thing. There is no change. We do not interpret any way, “This man-manah means this, and mad-bhaktah means that.” No. We don’t do that. We present as it is. Therefore if Krsna sees that “One is presenting My message as I have given,” then He is pleased. Therefore, it is said, kintu prabhor yaů priya eva tasya. He has become very dear because he does not, nonsensically, he does not nonsensically change the meaning, that “This meaning’s that, this meaning’s that.” Why? When Krsna has said, that is everything perfect. Why should I change it? That is guru-priya. Suppose if you say something and if somebody takes it as it is and behaves like that, then you become pleased. And if you say to your son or to your servant something and he misunderstand and talks something else, then he becomes angry: “What this nonsense has understood?” Similarly, a guru does not change the word of Krsna. Therefore he’s called Bhagavan, servant Bhagavan. Krsna is the master Bhagavan, master God, and the guru, who is serving Krsna sincerely, he’s the servant God. Therefore sastra says, saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastrair uktas tatha bhavyata eva sadbhih. In the morning also these boys, they sing Narottama dasa Thakura, ara na koriho mane asa. If you have got a pure, bona fide guru, then whatever he says, you do it. You don’t think of anything else, ara na koriho mane asa. No more. That is all right.

Spoiling life

So we have to receive knowledge from Bhagavan or from a person who is servant of Bhagavan, not that another imitation Bhagavan. Then you’ll spoil your life. That will not help you. (Lecture, Dec 13 1974, Bombay )

Prostitute mentality

Hari-sauri: So what their idea was that we shall build some public relations, like you said with this store. They prefer to try to spread Krsna consciousness by public relations, give good impression, and then people will come.

Prabhupada: Then you are dictated by the public, not by the dictation of your spiritual master. Spiritual master has ordered to distribute books; we shall do that. That is obedience. Now, the public may take or not take, that is public’s option. But my duty is — because spiritual master has said — I must try my best. Spiritual master has not said that “You must sell so many books daily, otherwise I will reject you.” He has not said like that. So everyone may try his best, that’s all. The public may take or not take, it doesn’t matter. And if you are …, want to please the public, public says that “You dance naked, I will be very much pleased, I will give you some money.” So I’ll have to do that. Then what is the use of making a spiritual master? Public, they have got their whims how to become pleased. So we have to follow all these things? We have to follow our instruction of the spiritual master. That is initiation. Why do you manufacture, “The public will be pleased like this”? Public may or may not be pleased; we don’t care.

Hari-sauri: Our success is in the spiritual master’s pleasure, not the public’s pleasure.

Prabhupada: Yes, that is bhakti. Otherwise why Krsna says, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]? “You haven’t got to please so many religious instructions. You simply please Me.” That is Krsna’s idea.


We will try to fulfill our mission through following objectives:

Short term objectives

  • Firmly establishing fact that changing dress will not increase preaching.
  • Raise awareness of deteriorating standards issue.
  • Gather network and organize similarly minded devotees.
  • Chart out current status deviant philosophies in various ISKCON centers.

Intermediate objectives

  • Establish philosophically detrimental effect of changing Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.
  • Prevent Krishna West and other deviant philosophies from further spreading within ISKCON.

Long term objectives

  • Lobbying to establish mandatory sannyasa dress standard as a rule for ISKCON sannyasis.
  • Lobbying to produce paper standards and hierarchy for devotee dress (what is topmost standard, and what is lower standard etc).
  • Lobbying to produce paper which would define behavior of ISKCON sannyasis.

Means for achieving our objectives

We will follow Canakya pandit in this regard. Here are some of his knowledge:

After recruitment, our secret agents will be put through a rigorous training in the techniques of adopting disguises, changing appearances, science of signaling, secret writing, detection and identification of deviations, manipulating public opinion and creating dissensions in the enemy ranks.

Motivation of persons to cater intelligence is directly proportionate to their weakness for sex and money, besides the burning desire of revenge or insatiable hunger for power. The Spy masters of ancient India exploited these weaknesses to their fullest advantage, and even the modern intelligence agencies heavily depend on these considerations. Canakya advocated that the weak should be subjugated by means of conciliation and gifts, the strong by means of dissension and force.

Canakya: Selection and Infiltration of Targets

Canakya, in a very subtle manner and with an intimate knowledge of human psychology, selected his targets in foreign lands depending on their weaknesses and motivation. He advised secret agents to concentrate on targets:

  • Among those who are dissatisfied with the rulers or had been humiliated or exiled;
  • Who have not been compensated for their expenditure;
  • Those who have been deprived of their rightful inheritance to office;
  • Whose women have been molested by force;
  • Who were wrongly imprisoned;
  • Whose property had been confiscated;
  • Who are prone to blackmail due to some weakness.

Canakya: Disinformation and Dissension

Manipulation of public opinion is as important an object of the State today as it was in ancient India. It is used to create disharmony and distrust among the enemy’s friends, ill-will among his allies, loss of confidence in their leadership and disruption by psychological means his capacity and will to fight. Canakya had perfected the technique of disinformation and highly eulogised the use of dissension in enemy’s ranks for winning a battle without any military action. His winning an extensive empire for his student Chandragupta Maurya without fighting any mentionable battle is awen, and one may be excused to add: admiration, inspiring feat, unparalleled in history. The Sanskrit Classical drama Mudrakshasa has tried to depict it dramatically but, at best, has only partially succeeded.

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