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Internet is buzzing these days about ISKCON Brooklyn temple, which will apparently be sold be rogue temple president Ramabhadra das. However, there is hidden truth which not many people are noticing.


Saga involving Brooklyn temple is lasting for at least around three years now. Temple president Ramabhadra das, wants to sell the temple. Initial justification was that this building is very valuable, so they could build a new temple with that money. But not many people believe this story, because after all the protests, GBC decided to step in and prevent the sale. However, that is the moment when things became complicated.

The money involved

Back in may of 2014, newpaper reported on this story and they estimated that the whole building is worth 60 million dollars.

The shadow player

Akincana published at article on the issue back in December 2016, which says:

The ISKCON legal entity that holds the title for the temple building is officially known as the Bharati Center, Inc. Romapada Swami is the chairman of the board. As far as we know, the other board members are Ramabhadra Dasa, Satya Devi Dasi (Ramabhadra’s wife), Adi Deva Dasa (a New York devotee, not the artist), and Damodara Svarupa Dasa (Adi Deva’s son-in-law). If any changes to the board have been made since we last checked, they haven’t been publicly announced.

If you have any investigative spirit, you will see that actually Romapada Swami is chairman of the board. In other words, there is no chance that Ramabhadra could sell this property without Romapada’s approval and cooperation.

In the regime newspaper,, you will usually not find any interesting incriminating stories, but this time they made a mistake, the published a full truth:

As you can see here, even regime newspaper admits that Romapada Swami decided to sell against GBC decision. If you can’t read between the lines, Romadapada Swami is at least equally guilty as Ramabhadra. So, why was only Ramabhadra relieved from his post and Romapada stayed?

Answer is, because Romapda is “guru list” guru, therefore everything he does is perfect, and all complaints against him are blasphemy.

But, due to stealing 30 million dollars from Prabhupada (I assume Romapada and Ramabhadra will split it 50% - 50% ), I am pronouncing that Romapada Swami is at the level of mil-prema. Mil-prema is when you are desiring to have million dollars, but if you have 30 million dollars, then you are mil prema maha-bhagavata.

Newest developments

Facebook post from Lokaguru das gives further credibility to my claims. Lokaguru writes:

On this Sunday night, July 23, Romapada Swami was not only the ISKCON GBC of the Brooklyn Temple, he was also still the Chairman of the Bharat Hill Corp. This means he was in fact the Topmost authority and thus had all power to see that Ramabhadra das complied with the GBC decision to remove him as president.


Romapada Swami is guru because he is a guru. Even if he is obviously trying to sell Prabhupada’s temple and cash in, he is still “guru list” guru. Which means he is pure devotee who is qualified to take us back home back to Godhead. I don’t think so. But who am I to think? Thinking is not allowed in ISKCON. I never asked GBC body permission to think and GBC body never granted me permission to think. But still, I think that poor Ramabhadra is not to be blamed, main player is Romapada Swami, who is trying to cash in.

And even the regime newspaper reported in that one of the “guru list” gurus is involved in the scam. They made big offense by publshing this fact.

For all of Romapada Swami disciples who don’t read Bhagavad-gita, I can say that Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita: “If my devotees steals 30 mil or more, it doesn’t matter, you should still worship him.”

Due to very high level of mil prema, I will be marking Romapada Swami as red on my purified guru list.

But the time I am done with him, only way Romapda mil Swami will get new disciples is to buy them. 😂

And I understand completely, it’s such a headache to try to earn money though being guru in ISKCON, first you must preach, then only few people decided to become your disciples, then you have answer all their stupid emails, and in the end, they give you few hundred dollars once per year.

So, it’s better to cash in on the temple, and once you have to money, you no longer need to be guru, to initiate disciples and take money from them.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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