Murder - ultimate form of forgiveness

Today, when I saw how Radhanath Swami ignored calls for justice by his female disciple, I decided to link here and comment a chapter of unpublished book about Kirtanananda Swami called “Gold, guns and God” by Henry Doktorski.

Initial investigation

I checked validity of this PDF file with disciple of Srila Prabhupada and few other devotees who are in direct contact with author if this book. I also did additional research myself about Herny Doktorski, and his position on New Vrindavan. I concluded the following.


Before you start reading about Murder of Sulocana das, please first watch a short video about endless forgiveness:

Ok, who fogives who? People who whacked Sulocana definitely didn’t forgive him.

US government didn’t forgive the killer, he is still in jail.

Was Radhanath Swami involved and should we forgive him, read the PDF and decide for yourself.

Book “Gold, guns and God” - chapter “Murder of Sulocana”

!!! Warning !!! graphic content - Contains photo of murder scene


Documentary about the case:

All glories to the hero who dared to speak up


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