Oops, Prabhupada is gone

I want you to look well at this invitation card? Can you notice anything strange? If you can’t see anything wrong, you have just been promoted to sheep level of Krishna consciousness.

Radhanath baba is not mentioning Prabhupada anywhere because Prabhupada is bad for business. Prabhupada was enemy of majority of Radhanath baba’s business clients, namely new age mayavadi yogis.

Prabhupada also didn’t like Vrindavan sahajiyas like Ramesh baba, who is Radhanath Swami’s “lifelong” friend, and Prabhupada was also nightmare for fake gurus like Neem Karoli baba:

And, as far as Radhanath baba is concerned, Prabhupada is all-rounds bad guy, whose philosophy needs to be fixed in order to succeed, that is joyfully done by Radhanth baba and his disciples.:

Prabhupada also can ruin everything while brahmacaris cook and crack jokes with young girls at Radhanath baba’s Govardhana Eco Village:

Prabhupada also wouldn’t agree that brahmacari needs to help girls while they stretch at Radhanath baba’s Govardhana Eco Village:

Brahmacaries also shouldn’t practice girl-yoga:

Can somebody remind me what is definition of brahmacari?

According to Vedic civilization, one’s association with women should be very much restricted. In spiritual life there are four āśramas—brahmacarya, gṛhastha, vānaprastha and sannyāsa. The brahmacārī, vānaprastha and sannyāsī are COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN to associate with women. Only gṛhasthas are allowed to associate with women under certain very much restricted conditions—that is, one associates with women to propagate nice children. Other reasons for association are condemned. (CC Madhya 22.88-90)

Who wrote this quote? It’s Prabhupada. Now you see why he is bad for business and shouldn’t be mentioned on invitation card.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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