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If you are regular visitor to my website, and you visited topics page page, you are probably wondering how we got into this mess. How it is possible that we have sannyasis with secretaries, sannyasis with luxury apartments and Ramesh baba glorification, this is just to name of the of many deviations perpetrated by fake gurus in ISKCON.

Single source of all these deviations is “smarter that Prabhupada” syndrome which infected many ISKCON gurus and GBC body. They will never publicly admit that they have this disease but you can see it from their behavior.

But one of them will directly acknowledge that Prabhupada and his books are no longer relevant and we need to “distill Prabhupada’s legacy” (in other words, remove whatever we don’t like).

This is vyasa-puja offering to Prabhupada by Devamrta Swami, from 2002, this was long before we had various deviations started coming along (bold added by me):

Since your divine disappearance, twenty-five years have passed. I am wondering if times have changed, how, and to what degree. Thus I am begging for guidance. During your physical presence your books were our be-all and end-all. Now, have we entered, consciously or unconsciously, a new era of ISKCON known as “PPB”-that is, “post-Prabhupada’s books”?

More than a few seasoned devotees and supportive academics opine that indeed it’s time to move on. Maybe, while maintaining our eternal gratitude to you, our founder-acarya, it’s now necessary to evaluate what you have left us and distill whatever part of that legacy should accompany us into the future of a different world and a different ISKCON.

You can read the whole offering here

My comment

Krishna is greatest genius. Those who are too lazy to read Prabhupada’s books will never understand that these books are law books for next 10000 years. Such lazy fellows will be carried away by Maya in form of fake gurus such as Devamrta Swami. They will never obtain real guru because they don’t deserve one.

So, dear Devamrta Swami, this is my offering to Prabhupada:

Dear Srila Prabhupada, Since your divine disappearance, more than twenty-five years have passed, I see that times have changed. ISKCON has been taken over by many, many fake gurus who are no longer loyal to you. Only a few of your sincere servants remain. We have entered new era of “Post Prabhupada nonsense”.

I always pray to your lotus feet to be able to discriminate between those pretenders who think they are smarter than you and your genuine servants.

History is repeating itself

This photos show one of many Devamrta’s experiments which were supposed to “accompany us into the future of a different world and a different ISKCON”. He joined Kirtananda’s monster plan of converting Prabhupada’s movement into criminal organization which would be half-christian, half-criminal. They also killed a couple of people there.

You know what? 😂 Devamrta baba, thanks for your offer, I’ll rather stick with Prabhupada and his disciples who are loyal to him. And you can take all the low IQ lazy people who don’t read books and take them with you to “a different world and a different ISKCON”. To me personally, this sounds as a scary proposition if I take into consideration your background. 😂


Remove the “fake guru list” deviation, and I allow people to take initiation from any Prabhupada’s disciple who is loyal to him and who is following him perfectly. Stop promoting and protecting nonsense people through the institution of the “guru list” and you will start seeing immediately that people will become much more careful from who they take initiation. And then, at least the leadership of this movement will not be accussed of cheating people by promoting fake gurus.

Prabhupada never mentioned the “guru list” anywhere in his books, lectures, letters or conversations.


This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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