Origins of child abuse in ISKCON - Gestapo mentality

In this article, I am going to explain how justice works in ISKCON and what can you expect if you point out nonsense.

In recent his video “Cost of silence”, Sanaka prabhu explained few cases of child abuse in ISKCON. Child abuse may happen in any organisation, that in itself is not problem, problem is how do you deal with it, do you prosecute it, or you are trying to hide it.

ISKCON’s authority system is not prosecuting nonsense, rather they are protecting nonsense, and this is how you end up with Turvey case. And that is not true only in child abuse cases, but in all cases. You don’t believe me? Just check out my recent well documented experience which I will describe in this article.

After I discovered Ramesh network within ISKCON in Croatia, with Ramesh follower Brajraj Sharan coming to Croatia on a preaching tour in 2016, I exposed this nonsense in the following video:

Did I call anybody bad names in this video? I just presented the facts.

Few days after that, I was banned from coming to ISKCON temple, which is by the way, managed by Sacinandana Swami disciples. So, what they tried to achieve by banning me? Will Ramesh baba become bonafide if I am banned. Will Sacinandana Swami’s girlfriend disappear if I am banned from temple? Did I lie in the video about Sacinandana Swami - Ramesh connection? Nope.

But Sacinandana-Ramesh followers did exactly what I expected them to do, they showed that they are ready to ban Srila Prabhupada follower to protect sahajiya Ramesh and their guru Sacinandana Swami.

But what I expected from Prahladananda Swami? I considered him truthful follower of Srila Prabhupada who will protect Prabhupada’s legacy, I expected him that he will cancel this decision by temple board, or at least give public statement that Ramesh and his followers are not welcome in Croatian ISKCON. So, I sent him an email.

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 06:29:21 +0000
Subject: open letter - persecution in Croatia
From: Hanuman das
To: "" <>
Cc: Bhakti-bhusana Swami <>,
	"Badrinarayan Swami (San Diego - US)" <>, Basu Ghosh Das <>

Dear Prahlananda Swami,

please accept my humble obisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing you since you are GBC for Croatia.

In recent weeks, I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sacinandana Swami is follower of Ramesh baba since at least 2013, probably even earlier. I have video proof including Ramesh baba appearing on Sacinanandana Swami’s vyasa-puja:

I also proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sacinandana Swami’s disciples organised Balkans tour in 2016 for Brajraj Sharan, prominent follower of Ramesh baba. Tour was as follows:

3rd January 2016. - Brajraj Sharan arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia

4th-05th January 2016 - Zagreb, Croatia. Spend the night in apartment of Gaura Govinda das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”), croatian organiser of Yoga is Music program. Program was given in Supersoul sect called “Evening of varshana bhajans and “lilas”. One of the leaders of Supersoul sect is Sundarananda das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”).

6th-9th January 2016 - Sarajevo, Bosnia. Varshana bhajans and lilas in houses and apartments of ISKCON devotees.

8th January 2016 - Sarajevo, 3 hour nama yajna at ISKCON temple. Between the bhajans, Brajraj Sharan was talking about “pastimes”. First he was invited to sing only mana-mantra, but then on the program devotees asked to sign other bhajans, and in between, he was talking about Krishna.

Whole tour was organised by Madayanti dd (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”) who has a managerial position in 50th anniversary celebrations.

There are plenty of witnesses mentioned, including whole ISKCON Sarajevo temple.

After I exposed this information, I was banned from coming to the temple by Ramesh followers in the temple board, namely Isvara Puri (SNS) and Govinda-nanda (SNS).

So, dear Prahladananda Swami, I plead to you, as GBC for Croatia, who is managerial representative of Srila Prabhupada, to reverse this decision.

Did we really reach the stage in which we persecute ISKCON members for exposing Ramesh sahajiya nonsense? How will this help to preserve Srila Prabhupada’s legacy?

I will keep this open letter private for the next 48 hours so see if we can reach some kind of agreement. I would like you to correct this injustice. Don’t send me to meet with temple board, I don’t negotiate with Ramesh followers.

your servant, Hanuman das

Ok? In other words, my point in this letter is that we should correct nonsense, not punish people who report nonsense. Then I got most amazing reply.

Received: by (COM 3.89.6); Thu, 12 May 2016 17:40:09 +0200
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 18:29 +0300
From: "Prahladananda Swami" <>
To: "Hanuman (das) SDHS (Zagreb - HR)" <>
Cc: "Badrinarayan Swami (San Diego - US)" <>,
    "Bhakti-bhusana Swami" <>,
    "Basu Ghosh Das" <>
Subject: open letter - persecution in Croatia
X-Mailer: COM 3.89.6
X-Com-Textno: PAMHO28779125
Message-Id: <>

Dear Hanuman prabhu, Please accept my greetings and the blessings of Lord Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I will keep this open letter private for the next 48 hours so see if we can reach some kind of agreement. I would like you to correct this injustice. Don’t send me to meet with temple board, I don’t negotiate with Ramesh followers.

Thank you for your letter. The Sannyasa Ministry also have concerns that ISKCON follows purely the message that Srila Prabhupada gave us and which he personally demonstrated during his manifested presence with us.

You see this? Usual political nonsense, backed up by nothing.

As I have written to you before, Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita (BG 17.15) mention truthfulness as a quality of speach in the mode of goodness, but also mentions that speech should be pleasing, usefulness, scriptural, and which doesn’t agitate the minds of others. Your approach seems to emphasized the quality of truthfulness, which though important, may not always be the most effective by itself.

This is the essence why nonsense happens in ISKCON. See, truth is not important at all, rooting out nonsense from ISKCON is not important at all. What is important not that agitate minds of others, including child abusers and Ramesh followers. In other words, he will do nothing because “my approach is wrong”. And what is the right approach? Right approach is to do nothing and let Prabhupada’s movement be overrun by sahajiyas, that is the approach he took.

I assure you that when I receive useful information from you, I take it seriously and try to do something about it. However, I may have a different approach than you, which may not always be so public.

“When I receive useful information from you”, you see how he is protecting Ramesh followers? I just have him usefull information, I gave him dates, I gave him names, I gave him everything he needs, and after all that, he considers my information useless and wants “useful” information. What did he expect? Photo of Brajraj Sharan and Gour Govinda SNS sleeping in same bed in Zagreb?

How the some devotees and temples react to your efforts to serve Srila Prabhupada and the mission of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, perhaps could be taken by you as an indication to modify your approach to purifying the movement and its senior members.

See this? Again same nonsense. I need to modify my approach, he completely disregards video which is full of evidence that Sacinandana Swami became follower of sahajiya Ramesh baba and bringing Ramesh preachers to Prahladananda Swami’s zone. Instead of protecting Srila Prabhupada’s legacy, removing my ban, and giving public statement about Ramesh nonsense, he blames my approach.

In other words, what did he done about Ramesh infestation in Croatia? Nothing. What did he do about my ban? Nothing. This is as useless as it gets.

It’s like coming to the police station and saying “Police officer, I have video evidence that burglar entered my house and I want you to arrest him”, and the office says “Dear citizen, you look angry, something is wrong with your approach, we will not consider your evidence”.

If leaders of ISKCON can’t see simple deviation like this, and Ramesh is as deviant as it gets, how can we expect them to protect us from anything, child abuse included.

Hope all is well.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada, Prahladananda Swami

Yea, “hope is all well.” Everything is great. I am yet to see “service of Srila Prabhupada”, german sannyasis living with girlfriends for years, Ramesh followers are throwing ISKCON devotees out of ISKCON, great service to Srila Prabhupada.


So, what can you learn from my example? Don’t report any deviation to higher authorities, you will be banned (that includes child abuse). Through this system of management, which includes banning people who report deviations, ISKCON created the same culture which Gestapo created in the World war 2, and that is culture which no intelligent person will ever want to join. In other words, you can be member of ISKCON, as long as you stay quiet about all the wrong things which are happening there.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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