The Ramesh dilemma

In this post I publish sms screenshots where Temple board member is trying to hide Ramesh Sacinandana Swami connection.


Your guru inspired Ramesh follower Brajraj Saran to come to Croatia in 2016, some people are not very happy with that infiltration, and they expose the connection between your guru and Ramesh.


You, as ISKCON leader have obligation to protect Srila Prabhupada’s legacy from sahajiya onslaught, from the other hand you also need to be loyal to your guru and try to protect him. Only way to protect him is to philosophically try to prove that Ramesh baba is bonafide. Or, try to simply hide the whole thing.


Here is a translation of SMS conversation with Zagreb temple board member Isvara Puri, let’s see how he tries to deal with the matter

Isvara Puri: I completely understand. I don’t want to take your time, rather I seriously ask to remove post about my spiritual master from Facebook. Regards

Hanuman: What is the problem with the post, two great vaisnavas are associating?

Isvara Puri: Some comments are inappropriate, so I ask you to remove this post with my guru maharaja.

Hanuman: ok, as soon as he publicly distances himself from Ramesh baba. And what I consider inapropriate is to invite Brajraj Saran for preaching tour in Croatia which your friends are doing but nobody complains.

Isvara Puri: ?

Hanuman: You didn’t hear about Brajraj Saran tour in Croatia? Ask your godbrothers. And all of that is coming from Sacinandana Swami, so you write to him and ask him why is he introducing sahajiyas in ISKCON.

Hanuman: And you can put me to CC when you write to him.

Isvara Puri: Which godbrothers?

Hanuman: Just follow my Facebook profile and everything will be revealed.

Isvara Puri: I am not on Facebook, I saw your post about my gm which I ask you to remove and for other stuff you can tell me or write to me.

Isvara Puri: If you think that somebodies visit is inappropriate, send that and explain to CNC and GBC.

Hanuman das: That won’t fly, GBC is not responding to my emails, if you think that sannyasi has a private life, and that his privacy is disturbed, you can write to GBC.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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