Secret Details Of The Secret Tour

I discovered timeline of Brajraj Sharan secret Balkans tour in 2016. inspired by Sacinandana Swami and organised by Madayanati devi dasi (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”):

3rd January 2016. - Brajraj Sharan arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia

4th-05th January - Zagreb, Croatia. Spend the night in apartment of Gaura Govinda das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”), croatian organiser of Yoga is Music program. Program was given in Supersoul sect called “Evening of varshana bhajans and “lilas”. One of the leaders of Supersoul sect is Sundarananda das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”).

6th-9th January - Sarajevo, Bosnia. Varshana bhajans and lilas in houses and apartments of ISKCON devotees.

8th January - Sarajevo, 3 hour nama yajna at ISKCON temple. Between the bhajans, Brajraj Sharan was talking about “pastimes”. First he was invited to sing only mana-mantra, but then on the program devotees asked to sign other bhajans, and in between, he was talking about Krishna.

Whole tour was organised by Madayanti dd (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”) who has a managerial position in 50th anniversary celebrations.

After I exposed this tour, I was banned from coming to ISKCON Zagreb temple by temple board by Isvara Puri das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”) and Govinda-nanda das (disciple of Sacinandana “Swami”), as shown on the photo.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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