4 ways how rtviks try to kill Prabhupada

Rtvik theory is most detrimental to your spiritual life. It’s like christianity with Prabhupada instead of Jesus. You should be very careful.


In this video, I will prove beyond reasonable doubt that rtviks are trying to kill Prabhupada if 4 major ways:

  • First is that they are trying to portrait Prabhupada as mundane crazy person.
  • Second is that rtviks are presenting Prabhupada as a deviant from the vaisnava siddhanta.
  • Third way the rtviks are killing Prabhupada is that they are claiming that he is not a guru.
  • And fourth way they are trying to kill him is to portrait him as an ordinary person who is not empowered by Krishna.

In order to be rtvik, you have to insult Prabhupada is those 4 ways. Continue watching this video to see the explanation.

Rtvik theory consequnce: 1. Prabhupada is crazy

You are probably wandering how rtvik philosophy makes Prabhupada look as a crazy, mundane person. Let’s give a definition first: Mundane, crazy person is someone who changes his views all the time.

Prabhupada preached correct parampara philosophy which is recorded in his books, letters, lectures and conversations. What is a correct parampara philosophy?

Mohsin Hassan: Yeah, the tenth. After you, is it any decision has been made who will take over? Prabhupāda: Yes. All of them will take over. These students, who are initiated from me, all of them will act as I am doing. Just like I have got many Godbrothers, they are all acting. Similarly, all these disciples which I am making, initiating, they are being trained to become future spiritual masters. Mohsin Hassan: How many swamis do you initiated, American? I’m speaking just on… Prabhupāda: About ten. Mohsin Hassan: You have ten swamis. And outside of swamis, what’s the lower… Prabhupāda: Now, they’re competent. They can, not only the swamis, even the gṛhasthas, they are called dāsa adhikārī, and brahmacārīs, everyone can, whoever is initiated, he is competent to make disciples. But as a matter of etiquette they do not do so in the presence of their spiritual master. This is the etiquette. Otherwise, they are competent. They can make disciples and spread. (Room Conversation – July 18, 1971, Detroit)

This conclusion is proper according to the history of our sampradaya and all the teachings of previous acaryas.

But rtviks claim that Prabhupada changed his mind, and in the last months of his presence on earth, make himself the only guru even after he leaves this world.

Question is, why Prabhupada preached correct parampara philosophy and then suddenly changed his mind, you could have preached this nonsense from the very begginging. But he didn’t.

So, rtviks portrait Prabhupada as somebody who is changing is mind after preaching the opposite thing during the whole ISKCON history.

But Prabhupada was not crazy, and Prabhupada was not changing his opinions constantly like mundane persons.

Rtvik theory consequence: 2. Prabhupada is deviant from the vaisnava siddhantha

Prabhupada always followed sastra and his own guru, Bhakti siddhantha Sasvati. And he followed them perfectly. He never deviated from the instructions of previous acaryas. And therefore Prabhupada is so glorious, because he upheld proper conclusions and proper transcendental knowledge. Many people suggested to Prabhupada that he should relax 4th regulative principle a little bit, but he didn’t.

But, if you are rtvik, you have to believe without any evidence, that Prabhupada introduced zombie guru nonsense which we don’t find anywhere in any scripture or in any vaisnava sampradaya.

Person who introduces dead guru tattva or any other nonsense is actually deviant from the proper vaisnava siddhanta. So, by claiming that Prabhupada introduces himself as a guru who will initiate although not physically present, rtviks in fact claim that Prabhupada is deviant person.

Rtvik theory consequence: 3. Prabhupada is not guru

Crown jewel argument by rtviks is that Prabhupada never named is successor gurus, Prabhupada never named disciples who will continue giving diksa and that is true.

Rtviks claim that only if guru directly tells you that you are next guru or he writes down list of names, then you can become guru. And then they say, Prabhupada never told anybody to become next diksa guru.

Additionally, rtviks claim that Prabhupada gave the FINAL ORDER, in which he named rtviks and that system should continue after he dies.

So, this is really their crown argument, which is based on ignorance.

Now first we should give background of so called FINAL ORDER. This order was given because Prabhupada was sick and couldn’t travel, and list of his disciples waiting for initiation kept growing more and more. In order to solve that issue, Prabhupada established such a system that his senior disciples can give beads to disciples, which is very practial solution.

Now, I will give you example how stupid FINAL ORDER theory really is. Now imagine that I am a guru, and I tell my disciples I have to drink a lot of lemonade to cure myself. And I make a written order that all disciples should bring me lemons so that a lemonade can be made for me.

After a few weeks, I leave this world, and disciples without reading any of my books say, the only way to go back to spiritual world is to drink lemonade. We will not have anymore gurus and disciples, we will just drink lemonade, that is Hanuman’s final order. Is that reasonable? No, that’s just means you are stupid.

Now, for discussion sake, let’s say that rtviks are right, that you can’t become a guru unless you have direct order by your own guru. So, you guru should come to you and say “After I die, you can start initiating disciples.” That is what rtviks are preaching, you can not become guru unless directly ordered by your own guru. By giving such stupid statement, rtviks actually claim that Prabhupada is not guru.

Rtvik theory consequence: 4. Prabhupada is not empowered

Prabhupada was hoping to make at least one pure devotee, and rtviks claim that he couldn’t make any pure devotees who would continue parampara and therefore he decided to put himself as the only guru even after he dies.

Prabhupāda: I don’t make any compromise with these rascals. No words. No, no. I never made that. Even if I don’t get any disciples, I’ll be satisfied. But I can’t make any compromise like these rascals. I cannot make. Ekaś candras tamo hanti na ca tārā sahasrasaḥ. If I create one moon, that is sufficient. I don’t want many stars. That was my Guru Mahārāja’s principle, and that is my principle. What is the use of having number of fools and rascals? If one man understands rightly, he can deliver the whole world. Morning Walk, March 23, 1974, Bombay)

Prabhupada was hoping to make one pure devotee, and rtviks claim that he couldn’t make any pure devotees who would continue parampara, therefore they are very much eager to attack current ISKCON gurus. If no ISKCON guru is bonafide, then they hope they people will accept rtvik system.

But as I already explained, rtvik system is philosophically flawed, and only way for rtviks to win is to produce better gurus than ISKCON has. But they are not doing that, therefore they are hypocrites.


Everybody is born as a fool.

Nobody doesn’t want to submit.


Rtviks start initiating disciples.

Guru list should be abolished.

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