SES - Sannyasi exhaustion syndrome

4 days ago, I published article how Bhakti Vijnana Swami stepped down from all his functions.

One devotee complained, that it is nothing bad, he just “went to vacation”, he will be back to his managerial duties as soon as possible.

Now, the reason I don’t believe in that story, is because all fall downs happen with similarly worded letters.

They will never say “I blooped guys, sorry, I have material desires”, no, it’s all due to “excessive exhaustion” do to “excessive service” that I fell in Maya. “I was doing so much service that I fell down at the end”. Here are few examples:

2009 Paramgati falldown

The intense years of extensive travelling and managerial responsibilities generated a circumstance which misled me in such a way that eventually manifested in inappropriate physical exchanges with a young man of around 19 years. This incident took place in January this year.

Full resignation letter:

2012 Prabhavisnu falldown

I have become physically and mentally exhausted due to constant travel and managerial pressures. It has been especially draining for me to try to solve disputes amongst devotees, as I am by nature a non-conflictive type of person.

I have travelled almost constantly throughout my life since childhood and now I feel the need to settle in one place where I find the climate and culture to be agreeable my physical and mental nature.

Full resignation letter, here here:

2017 Bhakti Vijana Swami vacation

The tension of the past weeks have been superimposed on the chronic fatigue, accumulated over the years. All this has led to nervous and physical exhaustion - the state in which I now reside. Similar, although not as severe, the condition I had occasionally before, but once I get out of them. Short breaks helped you to recover, but recovery was not complete. Even during the recovery periods of inertia and a sense of duty did not allow me to fully retire. Now, however, the situation is more serious, so the senior Vaishnavas recommended me to take a vacation and for an indefinite period to depart. My communication with the outside world during this period will be reduced to a minimum. My body and mind are in need of complete unloading.

My condition forces me to look differently at what I was doing all this time. For many years I often acted not in their nature, being forced to deal with management. According to Krishna, it is dangerous and can only lead to exhaustion. Just the opportunity to talk about the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, the taste for which, by the mercy of spiritual master I have saved me all this time. I love diving into the Scriptures, to talk about Krishna and to help people, but management is not my strength, although the role of Dzhi-bi-si constantly demanded of me. Some time ago I wanted to pass this on to the younger devotees, created for her. I now feel a deep need to drastically take a more natural position, more appropriate to my abilities. At the same time, I am very grateful to Srila Prabhupada and senior Vaishnavas because they have given me the opportunity to serve - albeit imperfectly - of the mission.

Full resignation letter: Bhakti Vijnana Swami stepped down


Anybody can notice any similarities? It has nothing to do with material desires? It has nothing to do with betraying Prabhupada and preaching nonsense new age psychology. It has nothing to do with supporting Radhanath baba and persecuting devotees who want to preach Krishna consciousness as it is. It always too much service and too much management. They all leave almost as Jesus Christ.

This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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