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What follows below is scary email you probably don’t want to receive.

Shock therapy

Many “nice” ISKCON devotees visit my website and almost always their primary emotion is shock. And their first step is always that they try to convert me to “nice” devotee. However, that rarely works. Here is another such attempt.

My reply to X das

Dear X das,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 6:32 PM X wrote:

Dear HG Hanuman Prabhuji,

I do not know that whether to thank you or ignore you as I do not know the truth. Today I spent few hours on your website. It was mixed feelings with me as this is a great shock to me to know all that stuff and also cautioning me and teaching me many things but at the same time I had felt that can we not express ourselves in more humble way , I noticed that you being very harsh and rude towards maharajas.

That may be the case. But please be more specific and quote exact sendtence where I was rude and harsh.

You may be doing the greatest work to save the ISKCON , but I have few concerns which I am not able to understand even If accepting every thing correct on your site. Please guide me for my benefit as I am true seeker and want to get Krishna at any cost in this life only.

Yes, we should seek the truth, that is good attitude.

Prabhupada said that ISKCON is my body , how whole ISKCON can be cheater if ISKCON is Prabhupada’s body.

Please provide exact quote where Prabhupada said that. ISKCON is Prabhupada’s body upto the level that we follow Prabhupada. If we disobey and ignore Prabhupada and his instructions, then ISKCON is not Prabhupada’s body, it is just another mundane organisation.

Kindly praise devotees also who are doing wonderful preaching and also praise the good work of the swamis whom you are criticizing , Prabhuji I felt that you look to be seeing only their little controversial things only and exposing them in big way . Because them only , you could get access to prabhupada books and now able to quote. we should not forget their good work and great contribution also. I am thinking like that , Kindly correct me.

Devotees are praised all over the place, please visit website. Indeed, almost everybody is praising devotees, but there is nobody who is exposing irregularities.

“Little controversial things”? You consider that sannyasi who travels around the world with a female secretary for 10 years is “little controversial thing”? I am not sure that I would agree with your observation. You are free to follow anybody who is inspiring to you, my website is mostly for people who want to practice genuine Krishna consciousness as given by Srila Prabhupada. I am providing evidence of various deviations, and I am providing Prabhupada’s quotes on the subject.

There is nothing offensive in publishing material which was already present on the internet and adding Prabhupada’s quotes.

Greatest offence to Prabhupada is twisting his teachings into nonsense and I don’t see many people who are worried about that aparadha to Prabhupada. Everybody is silent. But as soon as somebody tries to expose those offenses toward Prabhupada, everybody is trying to shut him up. I don’t think this is the way how we should run Prabhupada’s society.

Mahaprabhu said anybody who chants even once is vaishnava, So how to justify that , they are all chanting and serving and pushing the movement ahead.

Yes, but anybody who chants even once is not guru. Guru is someone who is 100% dedicated to Prabhupada. As soon as people start adding things, removing things from Prabhupada’s teachings they are not genuine followers and they will end up on my website. Anybody who protects deviations will also end up on my website.

we got prabhupada because of these maharajas only otherwise we could have never known Prabhupada.

Yes, and I was also kicked from Prabhupada’s temple because I don’t like Ramesh baba. And none of those maharajas said one word against that injustice. And now, I will not stop until I finish every single follower of Ramesh baba in ISKCON, every single sannyasi with female secretary or luxury apartment.

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami kept secretory in which capacity and at what level and in what circumstances , we should try to know . Prabhuji it is said that Krishna is not attained by vaidhi Bhakti but rag marg . Sometimes shastric rules may not be as good if cause is higher. I am only concerned that you are not praising the unlimited sacrifice, these people have done.

Greatest sacrifice was done by Prabhupada, we had couple of heart attacks on the Jaladuta, he is founder acarya of this movement and he said:

In the name of religion you do all nonsense rascaldom, and if the leader approves, “Yes, you can do.” Vivekananda did it. Vivekananda did it. “Yes, there is no difference between eating meat and not meating eat in terms of religious system.” He preached this, and all the sannyāsīs of Ramakrishna Mission, they eat meat, they drink, they have WOMAN SECRETARY, and everything. This Chinmayananda also like that. I know his whole history. Unless one is purely Kṛṣṇa conscious, one cannot give up ALL THESE BAD HABITS. This is the test. (Morning walk — April 24, 1974, Hyderabad)

So, I am not interested in your rag marg nonsense. My mission is to make sure that every sannyasi with female secretary pays the price for betraying Prabhupada and practicing rag marg by having female secretary. Currency for that payment will be their reputation.

Please enlighten me for my benefit if you are true devotee of the Lord. I want to be focused on good qualities of others and learn from them ,what I will get by focusing on shortcomings of others . No body is all perfect except Krishna .and I feel that is it my duty to correct people ,first of all I should correct my self . Please enlighten me.

You can choose to remain focused on whatever good qualities people have, and me and my team, we will focus on stool hunting, and every guru who is 100% dedicated to Prabhupada has no reason to be afraid of my work.

All others, sannyasis with female secretaries, Ramesh baba lovers, sannyasis with luxury apartments, also have opportunity to think about their actions and correct themselves.

your servant, Hanuman das

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