Unpleasant truth to hide

I was contacted by my unknown comrade from Croatia. Although he is from Croatia, he plays dumb and says he doesn’t know who is my guru. He thinks my website “is not ok”, watch me apply Sai baba choke on him.

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V1493026973263679 : Greetings
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Hanuman : Hare Krishna.
V1493026973263679 : who is your guru sir?
Hanuman : Who is your guru sir?
V1493026973263679 : I see, you dont want to answer that
V1493026973263679 : Is it Bhakti Vikas Swami?
Hanuman : Is your guru Indradyumna Swami?
V1493026973263679 : No
V1493026973263679 : Who is your guru?
V1493026973263679 : Do you have a guru?
V1493026973263679 : You know that is not bonafide not to have guru
V1493026973263679 : So who is it?
Hanuman : That is none of your business.
V1493026973263679 : Strange
Hanuman : I don't know you.
V1493026973263679 : You talking about that subject a lot
Hanuman : And I am not obliged to give you anything.
V1493026973263679 : But you hiding your guru. Why is that?
Hanuman : Well, why are you hiding your guru?
Hanuman : Who is your guru?
Hanuman : And what is your name?
V1493026973263679 : You are publically publishing artical about topics of guru so why you not saying publicaly who si your guru
Hanuman : Why should I?
V1493026973263679 : So that I can understand that you are conected with parampara and your writing is bonafide
V1493026973263679 : Not ahvinfg guru and having spiritual name is kind of deviant isnt it?
Hanuman : Oh, ok I see.
Hanuman : That is valid concern.
Hanuman : So, let me ask you, is Ramesh baba connected to parampara?
V1493026973263679 : I dont know that devotee
Hanuman : He is not devotee, he is sahajiya.
Hanuman : And Sacinandana Swami is his follower.
V1493026973263679 : You are in ISKCON, he is not
V1493026973263679 : isnt it
Hanuman : Sacinandana Swami is in ISKCON.
Hanuman : Last time I checked.
Hanuman : So, why is he following Ramesh baba?
V1493026973263679 : Hes spiritaul amster is SP
Hanuman : Really?
Hanuman : You think Srila Prabhupada told his disciples to take instructions from sahajiyas?
V1493026973263679 : Isnt it bonafide that you say who is your guru on your website if you are initiated and your website is dedicated to similar topics
Hanuman : My guru is Sridhar Swami, ACBSP.
Hanuman : Happy?
V1493026973263679 : Oh, I see
V1493026973263679 : Why not mention taht on website?
V1493026973263679 : So that anyeone can know that
Hanuman : I'll add it today.
V1493026973263679 : nice
V1493026973263679 : It brings credibillity
Hanuman : Credibility lies in my evidence.
Hanuman : I have evidence for everything I post.
V1493026973263679 : CAn I ask are your godbrothers, disciples of Shridar Swami suporting you in this work?
V1493026973263679 : How they see that?
Hanuman : Are your Godbrothers supporting sannyasis with female secretaries?
V1493026973263679 : Are you avoding question? Why?
Hanuman : I am trying to show you that it is not important who supports what, what is important is what is truth.
V1493026973263679 : I agree truth is most important. So you saying that they nt suporting your work here
V1493026973263679 : Why you think is that?
Hanuman : I say that I don't care who supports what.
Hanuman : I care what Prabhupada wanted.
V1493026973263679 : And what your guru wants?
V1493026973263679 : I mean we are not ritviks jumping over our guru
Hanuman : My guru wants Ramesh baba and his followers outside of ISKCON.
Hanuman : That is what I am sure about.
V1493026973263679 : Ah ok, and he would support the way you do that. Your posts here, how you deal with devotees?
Hanuman : Do you like to watch girls dancing all night in disco club? Do you think that is devotional service?
V1493026973263679 : no necessery
Hanuman : So, I am fighting that nonsense.
V1493026973263679 : So your guru would support the way you do that. Your posts here, how you deal with devotees?
Hanuman : What posts?
V1493026973263679 : all
Hanuman : Do you have any particular problem?
V1493026973263679 : all videos
V1493026973263679 : I just asking that question. I am curious
V1493026973263679 : TRying to understand
Hanuman : So, all my videos and all my posts are wrong?
Hanuman : Do you have any example?
V1493026973263679 : Can you answer me my qestion frirst?
Hanuman : People who betrayed Prabhupada are not devotees in any shape or form.
Hanuman : My guru was follower of Srila Prabhupada.
Hanuman : So, I don't know if he would approve it or not, I guess he would.
V1493026973263679 : Would he deal like tham they way yo deal?
Hanuman : Well, he was not kicked by Ramesh sahajiyas from ISKCON, like me.
Hanuman : So that's not a fair question.
V1493026973263679 : They kick you like a deviant
Hanuman : Let me ask you, would you kick from ISKCON anybody who is against Ramesh baba?
V1493026973263679 : yes. But he also have some people who were not agreeing with him isnt it
Hanuman : If you are temple president, and some follower of Srila Prabhupada says that Sai baba is nonsense, would you ban him from the temple?
V1493026973263679 : No. Take into consideration that you did not just have opinion but making campaign, your videos here, internet campain
Hanuman : ok, if you were temple president, and some follower of Srila Prabhupada makes videos and whole campaign, saying that Sai baba is nonsense, would you ban him from ISKCON?
V1493026973263679 : no, maynebe I wouldnt agree with that his method but I dont see reason to kink him out of ISKCON
Hanuman : ok, then, if somebody would make videos against Sai baba, and he would be kicked from ISKCON because of that, do you think that person would be slightly angry?
V1493026973263679 : yes
Hanuman : ok, now you can understand finally everything about my web site.
V1493026973263679 : Is this only reason they kick you out of iskcon?
Hanuman : And how I deal with devotees, we can discuss that after you make a study how devotees in ISKCON Zagreb dealt with me.
V1493026973263679 : I understand that you feel dispointed
Hanuman : Thank you.
V1493026973263679 : haha ok
Hanuman : If you excuse me, I have work to do.
V1493026973263679 : Sure
Hanuman : Hare Krishna.
V1493026973263679 : Can I ask one more question
Hanuman : Yea.
V1493026973263679 : Do you taking into consideration that maybe there is something for you to learn to see. CAn you be wrong in some aspects of your work?
Hanuman : Yes, I learned that when you kick wrong guy from ISKCON, hell breaks loose.
Hanuman : Total chaos.
V1493026973263679 : Hmm
V1493026973263679 : Yes you repeat that a lot
V1493026973263679 : I understand why
Hanuman : Yea, payback time.
V1493026973263679 : cose you are disturba nad feel that this is unjust
Hanuman : It's not that I feel unjust.
Hanuman : It was unjust.
V1493026973263679 : yes
V1493026973263679 : I wishing that eventually all that your work and actions of others will come to positive conclussion
Hanuman : Yes.
Hanuman : Everything I do is positive.
Hanuman : I am most positive person in the world.
V1493026973263679 : I like people. I am your well wisher
V1493026973263679 : I trying to understand people
Hanuman : If you want to accept initiation from Ramesh sahajiya guru, I will warn you about it.
Hanuman : Therefore I am your best well wisher.
Hanuman : That is if you don't want to be cheated.
V1493026973263679 : I think thats important so I can relate to them in the best way. Understanding of others
V1493026973263679 : Yes, I think no one wahts to be cheated heheh
V1493026973263679 : Thank you for your time
V1493026973263679 : Its been nice talking with you
V1493026973263679 : All the best
V1493026973263679 : JAy Srila Prabhupada!
Hanuman : Jay.
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