Why I do it?

Interesting questions from facebook about what are my motivations in running this website.

Question: So then why not just do that? Leave Iskcon and it’s leadership to their fate and start your own movement? Why then waste time of trying to change or improve Iskcon?

Answer: Just going quiet and starting my own preaching could be done. But it will not be done. I was kicked out of Prabhupāda temple by Ramesh sahajiyas because I said divorce is not good. And their Ramesh guru is travelling around the world with his girlfriend although he is sannyasi.

So, actually, Ramesh sahajiyas should leave this movement, write their own books and preach independently.

As I already said, they kicked out the wrong guy, now I will not stop giving trouble. And I am not giving trouble to them, I am giving trouble to their guru, and to compromised GBC body who is allowing a sahajiyas to grow within this movement. And in the same time, they have audacity to ban books which follows Srila Prabhupāda such as “masters or mothers” book.

Question: Hanuman Das prabhu are we not taught to be tolerant. Maybe we could see this as a result of our previous bad karma that we are somehow kicked out of Iskcon and disrespected or discredited by other devotees? Why should we try to control others and pass our judgement and punishments on them? Why not leave it in the hands of Krishna and do our own nirjana bhajana and leave a sublime peaceful life of devotion? Share the teachings of Shrila Prabhupada with others to the best of our abilities ? Influence them and educate them in a positive way ? Grow the number of devotees who truly follow Shrila Prabhupada and then kick out the deviants from Iskcon? You may have the guns but the deviants have the numbers. I am afraid your current efforts will only burn you out and not bring about any substantial change in the current situation.

Answer: Yes, we should be tolerant, my primary inspiration for tolerance in Bhima, pure devotee and close friend of Krishna, who vowed to kill all 100 sons of Dhritarastra after they insulted his wife.

Krishna was merciful to me to show me who are genuine devotees and who are sahajiyas.

I am not controlling anybody, just posting truthful information about activities of ISKCON leaders. Is that a problem? Should we keep things under the carpet?

I can’t do nirjana bhajan while Prabhupada’s movement is being destroyed. I am very much afraid that after I die, Prabhupada will give me angry look.

I am educating people on my website in most positive way. Problem is that those who are in ignorance don’t think my approach is positive. They think my approach is negative, and only positive thing to do is to be quiet about all the deviations that are going on. If we stay quiet and tolerate devotions, then deviations will spread unchallenged.

I have Krishna and Prabhupada behind me, I am not into substantial changes, if I can save few persons from being cheated, then my mission is a success.


This article originally appeared on Lasting Impression website

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